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Leading Science and Research

Research and Studies

Dr. Amrith Gunasekara recently joined the California Bountiful Foundation as its new Director of Science and Research. He will conduct and support scientific studies on critical matters affecting California agricultural communities.

Gunasekara previously served as the Science Advisor to California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross, and as Environmental Program Manager for the Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation at CDFA, which specialized in environmental incentive programs and climate change issues.

At 16-years-old, Gunasekara came to the United States from Sri Lanka where food security was an issue. He says that gives him an appreciation for what California's farmers and ranchers do for their communities on a daily basis that we often take for granted.

Also supporting the Foundation is Tad Bell, Senior Research Advisor, to help guide the foundation's ongoing development of best available data and research results for use in the public policy arena on behalf of California's farmers and ranchers. Bell, a former undersecretary at CDFA, brings 36 years of leadership experience in problem solving and crisis management skills in public and private sectors. He's widely respected among diverse agricultural and local, state and federal government constituencies.

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